Muay Thai Premier League has now initiated!

Muay Thai League - Press

Muay Thai League

Organized by Warrior Caste Productions in colaboration with WMC, The Muaythai Premier League!! The press conference at Bangkok Park Plaza Hotel had been managed by Cindy Bishop and press from around the world visited this important discovery for Muay Thai.

General Chetta Thanajaro, the President of the WMC, was the first standing on the stage to speak about his delight and desires for this Premier League, that will include the the best boxers. He additionally mentioned by using the Premier League muaythai will go well-known around the world and will showcase not only the art of muaythai, but will also feature the sportsmen with the status they deserve.

He continued to add that both the WMC and IFMA continues their promotion of muaythai as a way of life. The Premier League is a significant step towards IOC recognition.

Clifton Brown was next up on stage and as a former WMC World Champion he specified that it became a dream coming true for him to be able to offer the competitors the pay and the visibility they really deserve.

He showed most important ones of the initial episode of “Into the Fire”, an insight into the fighter’s lives, which is to be shown the local boxers where the event is being organised, along with their desire, dreams and sacrifices they do to turn into the champions of all champions.

Mr. Brown also stated that with such an important coverage, much good can be done. Every sportsman will therefore participate social projects, participating in WMC campaigns like “Muay Thai Against Drugs”, in order to take child off the streets.

WMC Vice-President and Muay Thai TV personality, Mr. Stephan Fox, was upward next and stated the development of muay thai internationally, not just as a competition sport but also as fitness, self-defense, and importantly, as a ethnic art form. He pointed that the League will be a big bust for muaythai as it shows an assortment of the best boxers and also enjoyment. Every nation in which the league will be presented will also be promoted as sporting hub.

Next up was Sonia Couling, Asian TV personality, who definitely are the host of the series. Ms. Couling explained that she is very pleased to be part of this League.  She assured to do her best to additionally promote muaythai, the Kingdom and is extremely excited about the upcoming project.

Muay Thai League -Signing

Muay Thai League -Signing

The signing of the primary 3 Thai boxers happened: Sanchai, Kaoklai, Yodsanklai. Buakao was additionally declared to be part of the competition. Kevin Ross, from the United States, and also Dzhabar, coming from Russia, were afterward named up to present the other 36 worldwide fighters.

September 2nd will be the beginning of this League and there would be no better place than Hollywood, Los Angeles, as being the beginning location.

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