Knowing Thai boxing Stadium named Lumpini

Lumpini Stadium is amongst the most well-known boxing domains inside the earth. The prestige of having a title here is equalled only by that of Rajadamnern which is also located in Bangkok.

It was 1st opened up for business in December 1956 with the purpose of advertising Muay Thai in Thailand and abroad. Lumpini is nicely recognized abroad because of the policy of inviting non-Thai fighters to play there.

The stadium is run by the Royal Thai Army especially the Army Welfare Department and receipts from the competitions go to service different departments inside army. General Prapas Jarusatien was the motivator guiding the establishment of a 2nd national-standard stadium. At the instant, you can find 11 promoters with duty for bringing fighters to challenge for the titles. The rules are the exact same as in Rajadamnern with the fighters having to weigh much more than 100 lbs , be aged over 15 years and there can’t be far more than a five lb weight distinction between the fighters.

The price of seat tickets at that time was from 90 to 1,200 Baht for unique competitions. Any visitor to Lumpini will see the busy betting all over the ring – just about every stadium applies for a gambling license, that enables this kind of activity.

one of probably the most well-known Lumpini Winners was Dieselnoi Chor Thanasukarn who ruled virtually with out defeat within the early nineteen eighties. Having the Lightweight Title for 4 years, he was ultimately stripped of the title as nobody could get it from him ! His beaten oppositions incorporate Samart Payak-aroon ( referred to as the most effective of All ) and Nongkai Sor Prapassorn. Within 1975, a fight between the well-known Poot Lorlek and Vicharnoi Prontawee at junior featherweight attracted an extremely crowd the gate took over one Million Thai baht. For seven years the “Angel Boxer ” took over the scene, by no means becoming stopped or counted in the course of his 80 fights at Lumpini.

Lately, numerous non-Thai boxers have started to reveal their abilities here – amongst them Ivan Hippolyte and Ramon Dekker. Lumpini also noticed Nung Toom, the nicely identified transvestite fighter several times.

Lumpini together with Rajadamnern and, the newest addition to the family members, Tv channel 7 is absolutely the property of Muaythai.


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